ppd blog summary.

hello all!
i've been struggling about format of this work lately. thought that it should be interesting and engaging so the format of pdf or blog post was not an option at the beginning. but then i thought that i actually would like to create a blog post that will be some sort of navigation through my first year in lcc as an fda graphic design student! as an addition i'm finally putting tags on all my posts which will make my blog more ordered.
i'd like to start with my thoughts on the blogging as a format itself. it is really important for a designer (especially for a communicative designer) to speak out loud, to give people your opinion and to share your work. i think that i've took the blogging project quite seriously, that's why there are not as much posts as there could be. i know that most people are not into reading blogs, so i tried to make my blog as visual as i could. but still was trying to put my thoughts to support images.
actually i have a lot of themes to cover in this entry. i'll start with my ideas on our fda course. it goes without saying that there is a huge difference in education in england and in russia. i can't speak for all professions but for design field there definitely is. as i've spend almost 4 years in moscow university of industrial and applied arts i can't help but compare it to lcc.
the main thing that impressed me this year was the way of approaching design problem. it could sound lame but i was really amazed that the thinking process could be taught! because in moscow it was either you can come up with the idea or you can not! it seems to me that the ppd (personal and professional development) idea exists in everything we are doing here. when you're applying the research and ideas generation techniques to your project and then see the final result of your work you're finding out something new about yourself and the way your brain works. it is amazingly inspiring!
the thing that also impresses me about our studying is that we actually creating some really interesting ideas and things in a short amount of time in the class. i think that my goal for the nearest future is actually learn to apply and make them work for the real projects. honestly i'm still struggling with a lot of things on the course. having an organized sketchbook is one of the hardest tasks for me still. applying different research methods, using different techniques, not getting stuck in something and keep trying and trying and trying something new always. that is kind of a personal problem i think, it goes a bit tough because of the kind of a person i am. but i'm trying to change myself.
i like the idea of self discipline, self education, self improvement. we have such a great facilities for it in our uni. the colleges libraries are amazing! the books and the magazine archives are really impressive! i've spend quite a large amount of time in there. but it still is hard to concentrate on your tasks by yourself. there is a great room for improvement here!
if i could've changed anything in the course i'd add some more workshops. i think that we really could use some more time in university doing some experiments, getting some feedback from tutors and students, probably few typography lessons could be used too. i think that my previous education actually helped me in some areas - i can draw, i don't have any software problems, i know some theory on different graphic design subjects. i'm happy not to have some of the problems that some other students facing.
those are some initial thoughts about the course so far.
now i'd like to write a bit about each tag i've created and highlight the most interesting posts in my opinion.
i'll start with the tag uni.

this one is obviously about the college projects and workshops. right now i'm working on the london-book-project and i consider this the most interesting one. i think it is great that we actually have a lot of freedom and could interpret each chapter as we like.
as for other project i've found doing the wallpaper* one really enjoyable. i was quite pleased with the idea outcome and loved the process of research and thinking.
the next one is the illustration tag.
it is something that is interesting to me. unfortunately i have not done any project focused on illustration this year but my book actually contains plenty of drawings so that is probably one of the reasons why i'm enjoying the book task.
we had a 100 collages project at the first term, and i've done some illustrations on my own as well. i guess that this is the one i'd like to mark out. it is quite personal but i still want it to be here.
the next thing i'm going to write about is visiting different exhibitions and interesting places.
london is absolutely perfect place for people interested in deign and art. there are so many nice small galleries as well as huge world known museums! i've visited a lot of design related events this year. it is really hard to pick the most interesting one.. my visits to the small galleries started with paul's out&about session. i attended an absolutely amazing event when we visited some london design studios. i was really impressed with the evolving english exhibition @ british library, loud flash exhibition and marks&stensils one.
one more field i'm interested in is photography.
during this year i've improved my photography skills a bit. i've done dark room induction and took some pictures on film camera. but i don't actually post a lot of photography here as i have flickr for it.
i have a tag for some other interesting stuff from internet or books and magazines.
i guess this is it. thanks for your attention!