Thursday, 11 October 2012

type directors club exhibition in ldn. [sorry for the delay with pictures]

on my way home from the exhibition opening. it was nice, I guess. it's just this feeling I have, that it doesn't matter how nice typography, print and paper is, it all looks the same. and I'll answer to that - well, why not?
technologies make it easier and more accessible for us to create dozens of good looking pieces of work that look quite the same. it is very hard to capture one's attention nowadays. especially designer's attention.
will post few pics from home.

ok, so. i'm not sure why the works on the exhibition were not labeled, it took me ages (about half an hour) to find them on the web.
that is how the place looked. sorry for pics quality, my iphone is losing its touch)

there were some nice books too. 03

one is typoversity, which i have seen online, but never had an opportunity to hold in hands. not that i speak deutsch but anyway it's a nice piece of design. and the content is really good. don't like my pictures of this one, so if you're interested - see google.

PORT magazine designed annually by Bauhaus University Weimar students caught my attention as well. 11

liked the idea of ‘inside pages’ which is not very practical though.

this little book (the author i don't know) had a nice format and cover 09

now that is a nicely produced poster, something that i would like to hang on my wall (: 04


will finish with this lovely poster 07


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