Saturday, 24 December 2011

some films and liverpool!

watched 2 movies recently. one was "the breakfast club". everyone knows the film, yep? well you know me – i was ignorant until recently...)
so it is a nice teen drama. different types of people, different expectations, aims, thoughts. too naïve in style of the good old movies. worth seeing, why not.
the other one is "my week with marilyn" – went to the cinema yesterday. it is a nicely made film. the actors are good, cameraman's work, interiors, clothes, picture overall. but i was not so exited with the story itself. i can't say that it's a bad movie, i see a lot of good moments, but the after-feeling is quite ordinary. emma watson did good i think.
i'm exited about "the iron lady" though! saw the trailer yesterday. should be good.

i'm going to liverpool at the beginning of january, really exited about it. i love the place! it is the town of mystery for me. huge beautiful buildings and wide empty streets, windy mersey.. and the "alice in wonderland" exhibition at tate! i'm so looking forward to the trip! happy me)
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