Monday, 21 November 2011

youtube recs.

i was watching some movies during the weekend. watched a documentary on james dean. and peeping tom. and re-watched "charlie and the chocolate factory" (i think i ended up doing this cause a friend of mine doesn't like johnny depp and it is ridiculous! she told me that she had watched "finding neverland" and "charlie and the chocolate factory". so i decided to re-check if the last is a good one))
youtube kept me entertained for awhile as well.
wanted to share some of the highlights of the last days.
first is ronald searle's interview. he is amazing british illustrator!

and cartoonist! this video is so good!

and this one is hilarious! some surreal crops in.
it is the winner of the 1969 academy award for 'best short subject (cartoons)', directed by ward kimball.

and a bit off the topic, but wonderful video of the great buster keaton!

gone to school!


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