Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ppd and other stuff

had our ppd presentation today. went good i thing.
unlike my expectations the things i was mumbling were fine but the swinging sideways was ridiculous... need to consider my body language when being filmed.
in other news – have to choose 5 words out of 8 'good' ones and it is more difficult than it seem. on the other hand it's good that i have a choice cause if anything will go wrong with something i have a backup.
my pomodoro technique of time management is going good. i was using it just for few days now but it already helped me a lot with switching between the projects so i was paying equal attention on each of them, rather then sticking with one and not developing others.
have a camera with wide angle lens on hands but not really taking much pictures. don't have enough time to go some nice places and shoot for a bit. that is annoying.
have a nice day you all!


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