Saturday, 12 November 2011

pomodoro technique

i decided to start working in pomodoro technique today! i've read a book on it recently and want to give it a try.
the technique is about concentrating on one task for 25 minutes and then after 5 minutes break going to a new or back to the recent one. it includes a to-do list for a day as well as a general to-do list for all work that needs to be done. and has some good 'reflecting tips' too. you could read more from wiki or this site.
i think it is a good way to increase my productivity as i always find myself not able to begin with some large task if there is not enough time for completing it. and it is really annoying as there are barely any tasks that could be completed straight away. i hope that this technique will help me to structure my work, concentrate on my tasks and to complete as many things as possible.
it is also really good for 'other classes' as vct or ppd which are somehow end up overshadowed by the main project until some close-to-deadline-date.

will tell you how it's going in a couple of weeks)
need to add a 'ppd' tag i think (:


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