Wednesday, 16 November 2011

newspaper club.

ohhhh myyy.. need to prepare for tomorrow but really want to drop few lines about today's newspaper club workshop!
i was exhausting but oh so good! we were working in teams of 4. the initial idea of making the whole issue in one go have fallen through but we've still done a lot!
the most challenging/exiting/thrilling/name-it thing was actually working in teams. at the beginning it was really productive and we came up with some nice ideas. but it got more difficult then we had to actually chose just one of them to give it a go. we had different visions of the result, i can't tell that we were arguing badly but we were far from finding a compromise as well. the funny thing that we even had different ways to approach the task technically!
anyway i have a really good feeling now - had a really interesting school day. wish we had more activities like that. sure we could just gather whenever we're up to it, but it feels 'safer' when paul is around)) no, really he gave us some really good feedback and advice!
ok, better be doing my project now.
have a nice evening!


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