Tuesday, 22 November 2011

six thinking hats.

worth watching. really interesting lecture by edward de bono. i've read some information about the thinking tool but have never came across this videos before.

Monday, 21 November 2011

youtube recs.

i was watching some movies during the weekend. watched a documentary on james dean. and peeping tom. and re-watched "charlie and the chocolate factory" (i think i ended up doing this cause a friend of mine doesn't like johnny depp and it is ridiculous! she told me that she had watched "finding neverland" and "charlie and the chocolate factory". so i decided to re-check if the last is a good one))
youtube kept me entertained for awhile as well.
wanted to share some of the highlights of the last days.
first is ronald searle's interview. he is amazing british illustrator!

and cartoonist! this video is so good!

and this one is hilarious! some surreal crops in.
it is the winner of the 1969 academy award for 'best short subject (cartoons)', directed by ward kimball.

and a bit off the topic, but wonderful video of the great buster keaton!

gone to school!

Friday, 18 November 2011

the rum diary.

had an enjoyable evening in the cinema watching "the rum diary". johnny depp was fun as usual. love his hunter-thompson-way of talking.)
ouch just got carried away with some old depp interviews on youtube. back to the post.
i want to read the book! the film is worth seeing. it is funny and has a good plot. not the best picture but still a good one.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

newspaper club.

ohhhh myyy.. need to prepare for tomorrow but really want to drop few lines about today's newspaper club workshop!
i was exhausting but oh so good! we were working in teams of 4. the initial idea of making the whole issue in one go have fallen through but we've still done a lot!
the most challenging/exiting/thrilling/name-it thing was actually working in teams. at the beginning it was really productive and we came up with some nice ideas. but it got more difficult then we had to actually chose just one of them to give it a go. we had different visions of the result, i can't tell that we were arguing badly but we were far from finding a compromise as well. the funny thing that we even had different ways to approach the task technically!
anyway i have a really good feeling now - had a really interesting school day. wish we had more activities like that. sure we could just gather whenever we're up to it, but it feels 'safer' when paul is around)) no, really he gave us some really good feedback and advice!
ok, better be doing my project now.
have a nice evening!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

ppd and other stuff

had our ppd presentation today. went good i thing.
unlike my expectations the things i was mumbling were fine but the swinging sideways was ridiculous... need to consider my body language when being filmed.
in other news – have to choose 5 words out of 8 'good' ones and it is more difficult than it seem. on the other hand it's good that i have a choice cause if anything will go wrong with something i have a backup.
my pomodoro technique of time management is going good. i was using it just for few days now but it already helped me a lot with switching between the projects so i was paying equal attention on each of them, rather then sticking with one and not developing others.
have a camera with wide angle lens on hands but not really taking much pictures. don't have enough time to go some nice places and shoot for a bit. that is annoying.
have a nice day you all!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

pomodoro technique

i decided to start working in pomodoro technique today! i've read a book on it recently and want to give it a try.
the technique is about concentrating on one task for 25 minutes and then after 5 minutes break going to a new or back to the recent one. it includes a to-do list for a day as well as a general to-do list for all work that needs to be done. and has some good 'reflecting tips' too. you could read more from wiki or this site.
i think it is a good way to increase my productivity as i always find myself not able to begin with some large task if there is not enough time for completing it. and it is really annoying as there are barely any tasks that could be completed straight away. i hope that this technique will help me to structure my work, concentrate on my tasks and to complete as many things as possible.
it is also really good for 'other classes' as vct or ppd which are somehow end up overshadowed by the main project until some close-to-deadline-date.

will tell you how it's going in a couple of weeks)
need to add a 'ppd' tag i think (:

Friday, 11 November 2011


while thinking of further development of a-z projects i looked through some of darren's links on the blackboard. one link leads to another you now how it gets. i came across this video.

Orlagh O'Brien: Illustrating How You Feel from PopTech on Vimeo.
i've seen this project years ago, but it was good to see it once again. amazing research isn't it?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

my pictures

houseshousesthislё ridingdiagonalhairmarina_wall
bikes <3seasideshadelёstep.no_name
no_namecanary wharfup the hill backwardsno_facebikewires
a friend of mine visited sometime ago and we went to brighton. we had a lovely time and i got some nice pictures to share.. here they are!)

lё riding
ok, i think that this look inside thing became too annoying! will get rid off it in a bit!

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

coloured smoke!

i need couple of those for one of my projects.

i think i could end up in jail for that..

Saturday, 5 November 2011

the big heat.

watching lots of movies lately, ain't i?
"the big heat" fritz lang's film noir. a really good one. was recommended by our film tutor couple of weeks ago. realised that i have never really known where to start watching old movies. the problem has fallen off. i have a new one now – the lack of time..)
attended a studio-light-workshop recently. and our tutor mentioned the 'funny lighting' in old movies when people have about five shadows – "the big heat" is a good example! (: