Sunday, 16 October 2011


i was so overwhelmed with positive emotions when i came home after steve reich and lso wonderful performance yesterday that i wasn't really able to concentrate for writing)

came around this solo performance of piano phace (which is supposed to be played on two pianos) by rob kovacs. i can't even imagine how hard it is to play unsynchronised piece of music on the piano!
few things that came to mind i wanted to share.
in the concert hall of barbican i've found myself thinking about one of my 26 projects that was inspired by magic. and the thing is that music is like magic itself. and kristjan järvi looked totally like a wizard to me (not a wand-less one though)). [i'm having a big déjà vu moment here]..
i was really carried away by the conductor's body language. and i'm always impressed with the orchestra ability to understand it..
than i noticed how everyone is turning pages of their music books and it hit me - why do they still use them? why won't they put ipads or whatever device could do the same job? there even was a man, who was removing music sheets for a percussionist who was busy playing his part!
i think it has to do something with honouring traditions and being classical and the visual presentation as well. electronical devices are designed by man but they carry that machine feeling on them. being in the concert hall means not just listening but watching as well. the visual image will influence the overall impression. using electronic devices could make music less analogue. will bring us closer to singularity.
those thoughts seem illogical (or probably too logical) while talking about steve reich who actually took a lot of inspiration from the tape loop machine.
brian eno in this video had drawn the parallel between reich's "it's gonna rain" and moiré patterns talking about the unconscious creativity of man's brain. "he's (reich) sort of transferring the job of being the composer into the brain of the listener". i love this idea! it makes my brain work so hard that i don't really know how to put all those thoughts down and if i actually need to.
one more thing is that i noticed that i divide music into two categories - art and design (+bad art and bad design). in this case, steve reich is a genius designer for me! so if you don't really know who he is, i strongly recommend you to watch the south bank show documentary about him, cause it is really a good one.
i'm writing all that cause it interests and intrigues me. i really find this sort of things inspiring, it does give you much more room for creativity than some plane image or a piece of design made by someone else.
reminded me of pics of my friend i've done few years ago. have a good feeling from this one.

need to improve my writing process though. took me two hours to write this post, cause i was carried away by some materials i'm referring to.
three more pictures here


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