Thursday, 13 October 2011

tutorial and film studies.

hi there
it's been few busy days for me. have been doing school a-z project quite a lot. still recovering from my current cold. anyway. we had our small 26 concepts presentation with darren today, which lasted twice as planned. i was ridiculously late but i guess everything went fine. i love the way darren interacts with almost every idea we are offering. he gave me some good hints today!
it was also interesting to see how differently people approach their projects. few ideas were really weird and funny and sometimes i wonder if i'm kind of keeping myself from being silly.
yesterday was the day before today, so i was feeling guilty – sitting in the main lecture theatre on our film studies lecture, watching godart's "breathless". our tutor told us few words about the time of huge world changes during 60s which influenced culture. so here it is brave young generation of filmmakers – the french new wave.
"breathless" is the kind of movie that is more interesting to think about afterwards than watch. well probably it's just me, but seriously.. it is too dragged out in some parts. i'm not saying that i didn't enjoy it cause i did! but now, thinking of the movie – picture, actors, plot – makes me more fascinated than i was yesterday while watching it.

done some extensive reading and going to do some more. it is interesting to explore new subject for a change)
will be back soon!


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