Tuesday, 25 October 2011

typo-london post time

had some busy and exiting days last week!
after accepting the fact that typo-london was such an expensive event and no way i could spent 300 quid on the ticket, something wonderful happened – a group of 20 lcc students (including myself) were offered the opportunity to attend the event courtesy of jeff faulkner (who paid for tickets and donated them to our school) and paul bailey (who was making the necessary arrangements, connecting us to the world of big design).
don't know where to start! the whole event was SO INSPIRING [caps lock!]. seeing wonderful people so turned on by design, talking about it with such devotion!! ggggrrrrrrrrr amazing)
i hate to write something afterwards. feels kind of second hand isn't it?
the most interesting for me were talks by  johnathan barnbrook, will hudson, chip kid, michael bierut, michael b.johnson, eva-lotta lamm and dylan griffith. ahhh i won't try to retell what'd been said.. just few bits of everything really:

'wait until dark' poster by michael bierut  (pentagram). he had done this one while at school. pretty awesome if you ask me!

hints from pixar:
"quality is the best buisiness plan" john lasseter, cco pixar & disney
"pain is temporary. 'suck' is forever" jason deamer, character art  director, ratatouille, wall-e
"well do something, so we can change it!" gower champion, theater and film director

eva-lotta lamm done amazingly good job in introducing us to sketchnotes! she one more time confirmed that while you're doing something -> something new happens.

the infamous quote of lawrence weiner "my job is not to fuck up someone's day on their way to work; it's to fuck up their whole life"

dylan griffith and his new mtv logo.

absolutely loved the talk about trust/information/blogging by it's nice that guys!
and jonathan barnbrook told a lot of interesting things related to his virus font company and to 'doing things' overall.
chip kid made it a great performance starting with his new mantra: "bitch, i don't know your life!" and ending with amazing pictures from his forthcoming batman book!
erik spiekermann has a great sense of humour and even he hadn't done a lecture [he still talked a lot], he made typo-london even better!

you could read more about the talks on designassembly.org
got some good feedback on today's external partners critique session. trying to push everything further, develop all the ideas at once is a tricky but exiting job! really enjoying the project!
have my first ppd session tomorrow. better go sleep.


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