Monday, 10 October 2011

other news.

i sill feel very cosy working in libraries. sometimes i wish i could spend couple of years sitting in there surrounded by books and magazine archives. oh
right. back to reality.
central saint martins has moved with it's library to the new [old-warehouse] building. it is huge i should say. and i quite like it. it stands right on the canal and there will be a nice sitting area (probably by winter so it will be too cold to sit on that stone thing..)
during my last visit i've found myself really enjoying the cabinet magazine. i love the way they choose themes for each issue and their research is really good. some inspiring stuff in there!
ok, should quit writing for a bit. need to do some work so i'll have enough time to say proper hello to my new bike which is due to arrive tomorrow!
And here is the rest of it


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