Monday, 10 October 2011


the 2nd year of my fda course has started!
i decided to continue this blog even if it is not obligatory anymore. actually i want to improve my skills in reflective writing cause i've understood its importance (especially for a communicative designer) [oh i'm so quick ain't i?].
anyway. i recently moved and still have no internet so my posting for now will be a bit random.
i had 6 workshops so far, some of them were really helpful for developing my recent project (or should i say projects?). the thing is that we have to come up with 26 concepts for thursday presentation. each of us (fda students) picked one word for each letter of alphabet and is working towards developing a proper design idea for each of them. eacheacheach oh my.
i've found today's workshops more useful for our current state of work as they were more focused on ideas generation. for example paul's "exquisite corpse" was a great illustration on how collaboration could push your thoughts into new exiting direction. i think we should work together more. i really do. but while doing something with others i can't actually get rid of the thought that i'm stealing parts of project, that it is kind of not mine anymore.
anyway. i had some nice outcomes on katy's and giulio's wshps as well.
katy reminded us one more time that our hands could make our brain think - doing something like doodling is a different way of thinking and really a good one.

giulio suggested to pick some random words and add them to our chosen ones so we could get an opportunity to look at them from different angle.

last thursday workshops were aimed more on some particular areas of design than ideas developing. ben's workshop was much fun - he gave us good idea for composing interesting page layouts by cropping/scaling/cutting/pasting/editing/etc.

darren told us about richard serra's way of treating things (:
it was interesting but i still need to figure out how to use this new knowledge for my unending list of words.
david was david..) he showed us how to do process painting yay. i need to get internet to actually explore the problem deeper. so no comments on this one yet, just couple of pictures.


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