Sunday, 30 October 2011

'le bonheur' 1965

watched "le bounheur" (happiness) by agnes varda. absolutely beautifully made film. the way of filming is wonderful. i can't think of a right way to describe my feelings.. were the actions of François that wrong? why does the ending feel happy? the contrast of emotions. happiness through the sacrificing. was it love? was it real? so many questions. don't really feel like i have answers yet. will definitely watch more movies by agnes varda!
night all!

Friday, 28 October 2011

it's a strange world.

have just watched david lynch's "blue velvet" and am truly surprised by the 'happy ending'. the film is really worth seeing. it has an interesting plot as well as nice actor and camera work. made me hold my breath at the end)
i think that a lot of scenes are kinda balancing on the edge and it definitely adds excitement to the film. the ear and the insects and the scenes of violence – they all have just the right saturation.
i wanted to get some movies to watch before the next film studies class but the needed ones were gone and i took some others that i found myself curious about. i definitely am not upset that i ended up watching "blue velvet" on this lovely evening/night.
"i'm seeing something that was always hidden. i'm in the middle of a mystery and it's all secret." – that line was the highlight of the film for me. the phrase said by jeffrey sounds like a revelation and somehow makes me to really empathise with him.

Thursday, 27 October 2011


feeling an urgent need to write a post.
i'm working on my project right now. i've spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to remember how to work in after effects. was feeling funny n all... right.
anyway i managed to do all the needed actions and it turned to look not quite as i expected...
then i started to work on the other word and somehow ended up taking weird pictures of everything on my table.

i think it looks nice. but not too sure if it is related to my project anyhow.
ohhhhh give me time turner or something

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

wall drawing

SUPAKITCH & KORALIE "Euphorie" Paris from Raphaël Hache on Vimeo.

it is always fascinating to watch someone work, isn't it?
reminded me of other video i've seen months ago. not really something unique but nicely put together. absolutely adore the lines in this one.


had a ppd session with joshua today. the task sounds interesting, we should make a presentation and a report on our summer internships. i quite like the idea of turning it into some engaging interesting story, covering design-related-problems-and-all-that...
going to perform a lot of 'doing' today and tomorrow - selection session scheduled for thursday. i wish I had a scanner at home. and printer won't hurt too.
this is one of my mock-ups for yesterday's session. the idea-word is x-ray, was playing around with glue and ink.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

typo-london post time

had some busy and exiting days last week!
after accepting the fact that typo-london was such an expensive event and no way i could spent 300 quid on the ticket, something wonderful happened – a group of 20 lcc students (including myself) were offered the opportunity to attend the event courtesy of jeff faulkner (who paid for tickets and donated them to our school) and paul bailey (who was making the necessary arrangements, connecting us to the world of big design).
don't know where to start! the whole event was SO INSPIRING [caps lock!]. seeing wonderful people so turned on by design, talking about it with such devotion!! ggggrrrrrrrrr amazing)
i hate to write something afterwards. feels kind of second hand isn't it?
the most interesting for me were talks by  johnathan barnbrook, will hudson, chip kid, michael bierut, michael b.johnson, eva-lotta lamm and dylan griffith. ahhh i won't try to retell what'd been said.. just few bits of everything really:

'wait until dark' poster by michael bierut  (pentagram). he had done this one while at school. pretty awesome if you ask me!

hints from pixar:
"quality is the best buisiness plan" john lasseter, cco pixar & disney
"pain is temporary. 'suck' is forever" jason deamer, character art  director, ratatouille, wall-e
"well do something, so we can change it!" gower champion, theater and film director

eva-lotta lamm done amazingly good job in introducing us to sketchnotes! she one more time confirmed that while you're doing something -> something new happens.

the infamous quote of lawrence weiner "my job is not to fuck up someone's day on their way to work; it's to fuck up their whole life"

dylan griffith and his new mtv logo.

absolutely loved the talk about trust/information/blogging by it's nice that guys!
and jonathan barnbrook told a lot of interesting things related to his virus font company and to 'doing things' overall.
chip kid made it a great performance starting with his new mantra: "bitch, i don't know your life!" and ending with amazing pictures from his forthcoming batman book!
erik spiekermann has a great sense of humour and even he hadn't done a lecture [he still talked a lot], he made typo-london even better!

you could read more about the talks on
got some good feedback on today's external partners critique session. trying to push everything further, develop all the ideas at once is a tricky but exiting job! really enjoying the project!
have my first ppd session tomorrow. better go sleep.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

some morning porn.

a lot of really cool stuff is going on lately and typo-london is one of them! will make a big post about it when my schedule will loosen up a bit.) doing a-z project now. looking for the evening jonathan barnbrook's typo-talk! i'm a huge fan of his work!

Sunday, 16 October 2011


i was so overwhelmed with positive emotions when i came home after steve reich and lso wonderful performance yesterday that i wasn't really able to concentrate for writing)

came around this solo performance of piano phace (which is supposed to be played on two pianos) by rob kovacs. i can't even imagine how hard it is to play unsynchronised piece of music on the piano!
few things that came to mind i wanted to share.
in the concert hall of barbican i've found myself thinking about one of my 26 projects that was inspired by magic. and the thing is that music is like magic itself. and kristjan järvi looked totally like a wizard to me (not a wand-less one though)). [i'm having a big déjà vu moment here]..
i was really carried away by the conductor's body language. and i'm always impressed with the orchestra ability to understand it..
than i noticed how everyone is turning pages of their music books and it hit me - why do they still use them? why won't they put ipads or whatever device could do the same job? there even was a man, who was removing music sheets for a percussionist who was busy playing his part!
i think it has to do something with honouring traditions and being classical and the visual presentation as well. electronical devices are designed by man but they carry that machine feeling on them. being in the concert hall means not just listening but watching as well. the visual image will influence the overall impression. using electronic devices could make music less analogue. will bring us closer to singularity.
those thoughts seem illogical (or probably too logical) while talking about steve reich who actually took a lot of inspiration from the tape loop machine.
brian eno in this video had drawn the parallel between reich's "it's gonna rain" and moiré patterns talking about the unconscious creativity of man's brain. "he's (reich) sort of transferring the job of being the composer into the brain of the listener". i love this idea! it makes my brain work so hard that i don't really know how to put all those thoughts down and if i actually need to.
one more thing is that i noticed that i divide music into two categories - art and design (+bad art and bad design). in this case, steve reich is a genius designer for me! so if you don't really know who he is, i strongly recommend you to watch the south bank show documentary about him, cause it is really a good one.
i'm writing all that cause it interests and intrigues me. i really find this sort of things inspiring, it does give you much more room for creativity than some plane image or a piece of design made by someone else.
reminded me of pics of my friend i've done few years ago. have a good feeling from this one.
need to improve my writing process though. took me two hours to write this post, cause i was carried away by some materials i'm referring to.
three more pictures here

Thursday, 13 October 2011

tutorial and film studies.

hi there
it's been few busy days for me. have been doing school a-z project quite a lot. still recovering from my current cold. anyway. we had our small 26 concepts presentation with darren today, which lasted twice as planned. i was ridiculously late but i guess everything went fine. i love the way darren interacts with almost every idea we are offering. he gave me some good hints today!
it was also interesting to see how differently people approach their projects. few ideas were really weird and funny and sometimes i wonder if i'm kind of keeping myself from being silly.
yesterday was the day before today, so i was feeling guilty – sitting in the main lecture theatre on our film studies lecture, watching godart's "breathless". our tutor told us few words about the time of huge world changes during 60s which influenced culture. so here it is brave young generation of filmmakers – the french new wave.
"breathless" is the kind of movie that is more interesting to think about afterwards than watch. well probably it's just me, but seriously.. it is too dragged out in some parts. i'm not saying that i didn't enjoy it cause i did! but now, thinking of the movie – picture, actors, plot – makes me more fascinated than i was yesterday while watching it.

done some extensive reading and going to do some more. it is interesting to explore new subject for a change)
will be back soon!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Monday, 10 October 2011

other news.

i sill feel very cosy working in libraries. sometimes i wish i could spend couple of years sitting in there surrounded by books and magazine archives. oh
right. back to reality.
central saint martins has moved with it's library to the new [old-warehouse] building. it is huge i should say. and i quite like it. it stands right on the canal and there will be a nice sitting area (probably by winter so it will be too cold to sit on that stone thing..)
during my last visit i've found myself really enjoying the cabinet magazine. i love the way they choose themes for each issue and their research is really good. some inspiring stuff in there!
ok, should quit writing for a bit. need to do some work so i'll have enough time to say proper hello to my new bike which is due to arrive tomorrow!
And here is the rest of it


we all have to do one elective this term as well. my choice is film studies and i'm very happy about this one. i chose it cause i've been always secretly fascinated by movies but have never admitted that. probably because my memory works its strange way and i could never remember the movie. even if was a good one and i loved it deeply. so i thought that a bit of history won't hurt and signed up for it.
had my first lecture last wednesday, got a lot of stuff to think about. it is interesting how my brain actually compares the movies practice with design one. hopefully the course will not only give me some knowledge about cinematography but will help in my designing practice as well.


the 2nd year of my fda course has started!
i decided to continue this blog even if it is not obligatory anymore. actually i want to improve my skills in reflective writing cause i've understood its importance (especially for a communicative designer) [oh i'm so quick ain't i?].
anyway. i recently moved and still have no internet so my posting for now will be a bit random.
i had 6 workshops so far, some of them were really helpful for developing my recent project (or should i say projects?). the thing is that we have to come up with 26 concepts for thursday presentation. each of us (fda students) picked one word for each letter of alphabet and is working towards developing a proper design idea for each of them. eacheacheach oh my.
i've found today's workshops more useful for our current state of work as they were more focused on ideas generation. for example paul's "exquisite corpse" was a great illustration on how collaboration could push your thoughts into new exiting direction. i think we should work together more. i really do. but while doing something with others i can't actually get rid of the thought that i'm stealing parts of project, that it is kind of not mine anymore.
anyway. i had some nice outcomes on katy's and giulio's wshps as well.
katy reminded us one more time that our hands could make our brain think - doing something like doodling is a different way of thinking and really a good one.

giulio suggested to pick some random words and add them to our chosen ones so we could get an opportunity to look at them from different angle.

last thursday workshops were aimed more on some particular areas of design than ideas developing. ben's workshop was much fun - he gave us good idea for composing interesting page layouts by cropping/scaling/cutting/pasting/editing/etc.

darren told us about richard serra's way of treating things (:
it was interesting but i still need to figure out how to use this new knowledge for my unending list of words.
david was david..) he showed us how to do process painting yay. i need to get internet to actually explore the problem deeper. so no comments on this one yet, just couple of pictures.