Monday, 20 June 2011

central saint-martins ba graphic design degree show 2011

i also visited the saint-martin's ba graphic design degree show. it is something that really impressed me. i loved the place and the atmosphere there. i liked a lot of works and this visit became an additional motivation for me to try harder and do better. i'm currently struggling to find a right approach for putting my research and thoughts together that will work for me. but i think that i'll close this theme for now.
i find the idea of your own catalogue of the show absolutely brilliant. i'm not sure if it was a common thing or was it the invention of the show but i'm really impressed!
unfortunately some leaflets were missing, but anyway this is what i got as a memory of this exhibition.

and i got some business cards that caught my eye.
i loved the first one best of all. the person wrote his contact information on a4 sheet and took pictures of it in different environment on fujifilm instax. the instant films became the actual cards. soooo clever!
this is how it looks from the outside.
and the insides.
i really enjoyed the variety of projects.

[and loads of pics inside]

and it was just nice to get to know another meaning for my name))
[japanese mimetic word for twinkle, brilliantly, radiantly, glitter or sparkle. i'm pleased))]


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