Tuesday, 17 May 2011

london book.

i haven't written for a long time. that absolutely doesn't mean that i was doing nothing. actually i even wrote couple of posts but never posted them cause i wanted to write more and more as i've been to switzerland and france during holidays and seen so many cool things.
i think that i'd better tell about the current project to keep blog up to date and will try to fulfil the previous things later.
so right now we are working on our visual research books with wrap-around-poster-dust-jackets! it's called "Seeing London through the eyes of a designer". i've done 14 workshops during last few weeks. each workshop supposed to become a chapter.
i'm going to post some of my thoughts and outcomes later!
for today's workshop we were supposed to find a poster and a dust jacket that we like. those are mine examples:

i've found those posters in zurich.
the first one is the exhibition poster for kunsthaus, the second is a poster for some event. 4 posters below are kind of political ones. i'm note sure what exactly they're on about, but i took this picture because they are working so nicely in the environment!
the book made by irma boom. dust jacket is obviously too. i remember seeing irma on the "golden bee" event in moscow probably 5 years ago. she made a talk about her works. this book is about otto treumann's works. she told that she really liked it but otto was absolutely irritated by the result. he disliked the "soft cover" and the fact that irma cropped and enlarged his works. anyway. i think that he is wrong and the book is good! so as dust jacket.)


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