Tuesday, 15 March 2011

wallpaper* presentation.

yesterday we presented our works to meirion. i really loved working on wallpaper* brief. it felt very exiting and new for me. i'm putting down here my presentation with comments on each slide. hope you'll enjoy it!

i've set 4 main questions to find answers on during my research. they were:
-who is interested in w*'s content?
-where do people read magazines?
-what are the main points against buying w*?
-what companies could collaborate with w*?
most of the answers i've found in readers reviews. i've selected the main positive point and 2 problems which i decided to solve in my project.
the first is the quote from one review. the next two are the most popular reasons that keep people from buying the magazine.
considering those points i've started to move in airports/planes direction.
so my main idea is making wallpaper* british airways' onboard magazine.
i decided to add "buy wallpaper*" button on the ba site. so one could buy an issue while booking the flight.
the current issue will be handed to customer on check in or on the plane before the flight.
it solves the problem of pastime on board. passengers won't have to dash around the airport searching for something to read during the flight.
the most important point for wallpaper* - this idea solves the problem of high price of the magazine. it will look quite cheap in comparison to the price of flight tickets.
the first class passengers could get the magazine for free.
than i started to think about the onboard advertisement. and the most interesting format i've found - were the monitors showing the map with current location of plane during the flight.
i thought that it'll be interesting to add popping up messages with some wallpaper*-style information, like architecture, art, design, fashion, etc things and people from the cities plane's flying over that moment.
for engagement of people there could be a route* application for iphone and ipad.
the application will contain maps for all routes british airways makes. the information about the app will be on ba site and the map monitors on plane. on boards with wi-fi browser will ask if you would like to download the app.
people will have an opportunity to track journey (offline or with wi-fi), get new knowledge on what's going on in different cities and countries. that will inspire people for planning their next journeys. in that case the app will contain "booking" button that will give an opportunity to buy tickets on british airways flights.


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