Saturday, 26 February 2011


the last post for now is about the illustration i currently made. it is really meaningful and symbolic one. it means for me a lot as it reflects my feelings and thoughts. i carried this idea in my head for almost a month and just couldn't handle it anymore. needed to make it material and live.
i'm pretty happy with the result honestly. i like a lot about this picture – the idea, the quality of details, colours and composition. i have a strange feeling about my style of drawing. sometimes it looks alright to me but sometimes reminds me of some japanese comic stuff i really hate..
anyway there is enough written already, isn't it?
if you click on the image it should probably enlarge.

more photography.

i've finally got my film back last wednesday! last week i shoot my first film on pentax k1000 i borrowed at college. it is really great experience for me as i'm keen on photography and have been shooting on my canon 400d for almost 4 years already (omg). there is a room for improvement and i'm really excited to hire a cam more times!

the others are on my fickr page if you're interested.

wallpaper* project.

i made some nice things this week which i'd like to put into my blog.
but first of all i'd like to write a bit about my current project i'm working on. it is the wallpaper* magazine brief. we started on the 14th of february and already done nice amount of work. for friday's session with meirion pritchard (who is the art director of the mag) we all brought our research and 5 ideas on what the main strategy of advertising will be. my five ideas were: making a readers' issue, onboard magazine, on-wall stickers, wallpaper* waiting rooms and double issue in collaboration with other magazine. merion told me to work with three of them cause the first and the last ones are just too hard to produce. other people from my group also came with some interesting ideas. it was very nice and interesting meeting for us!
the most challenging thing about this project is that we're working not just like designers but as some kind of marketeers/prs/admen/or whatever you name it. i've spend hours in the library flicking through the books on branding and marketing. it's really interesting and inspirational brief. doing the research broadens my outlook and i'm feeling incredibly happy about this fact. it is great to be able to use the skills of idea generation we learned in our first term and see that it actually works. i think that i'd never came up with such ideas "on my own".
during my research i've also found some interesting books to read. i'll post about them later.
as well as our wbl project we need to create pdf portfolio for our ppd class to be able to find someniceplace to get short internship in. it's a tricky one cause i don't have actually finished pieces of work yet. and i obviously don't want to use my old works cause i changed much during this not very long period of studying here. the quality of old ideas just don't look too suitable for my new level of understanding of graphic design and problems a graphic designer is dealing with.
the other task i'm quite excited about is the timeline for the vct class. haven't had much thought on in yet to be honest. i've found myself really interested in magazine design lately. i understand that it's a really huge amount of work and research and i'd better take more specific theme. i thought about exploring actually layouts, their changes in time and in relation to different movements. but this theme is quite hard to analyze and even harder to organize. and the task is pretty much about organizing.
looks like lots of words..) i better be doing some of my tasks!

Monday, 21 February 2011

design is thought made visual.

last friday after our session with paul on our new wallpaper* project i went to couple of places in shoredich. one of them was the kemistry gallery. there is a nice exhibition of saul bass' works, who was a great graphic designer and worked with such notable filmmakers as alfred hitchcock and stanley kubrick. he made a lot of good posters as well.
i found the exhibition especially remarkable because it shows us some of bass' sketches. and i find the working process as (if not even more) interesting as the final outcome.

there are his titles for the "walk on the wild side".

[and some more title sequences inside]

Friday, 4 February 2011

the second one

wanted to put this pic in here.
i've drawn it couple of days ago, after i went to watch aronofsky's black swan (which is actually amazing and absolutely worth seeing). but it is not related to the film anyhow. i was just feeling like drawing exactly this swan, exactly the way it was drawn. someone who assessed my blog noted that i need to write something about my illustrations. so does that count?

couple of fast posts (project break))

the first one is about a nice archive of book covers. there are lots of nice inspiring images.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011