Thursday, 6 January 2011

evolving english.

today i visited an exhibition evolving english @ british library. i went there mostly because of my interest in printing and typography. but the exhibition turned out to be very interesting itself.
it's a great example of well organized research - in quite a small space presented a wide range of information. exhibition shows us the history of english language, its development, covers written, spoken and even sign language! there are loads of great examples of books of different times. lots of audio materials presented as well.
this is the beowulf - poem written between 8th and 11th century in old english.
(see the video inside. it's embedded with autoplay and is really annoying because of that)
19th century poster with nice typography!

h-dropping in punch 27 october 1855.
bbc broadcast english – advice on pronunciation –1929.
the sun - 4 may 1982.

accents, slang, swearing, conversations, dictionaries, audiobooks, radio recordings, cultural and historical influences – this exhibition is huge and very interesting! must see!


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