Wednesday, 5 January 2011

blabla & birmingham.

vacation is almost over. i'm not very happy that i've written so few posts during the holidays. but i had a real good time and some major things happened during that period.
i visited 2 beautiful cities - birmingham and brighton. the second was kind of an old dream - wanted to see the sea in winter. it was really beautiful in there. i think i'll post some pictures here.
the day i went to birmingham the weather gone mad. it was sunny, rainy and snowy in one day. it was terribly cold, so i spent much time in the birmingham museum and art gallery.
i really enjoyed the collection. going to write a bit about some pieces soon.
here are some pictures from this trip.

nice damaged typography.
st. martin in a bull ring - beautiful church!
victoria square.
a bit of christmas!
loved this birds.

and here is my birmingham set on flickr if you're interested.
one day is definitely too short time for such big city as birmingham.


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