Wednesday, 8 December 2010

marks & stencils

since last week i wanted to visit pictures on walls's exhibition of street few street artists including dran and banksy.
even if they are street artists there were plenty of nice works indoors!
[more about it inside]

the exhibition area divided into two spaces - the upper level for group show. it was a bit difficult to identify the author of work so the free "guide paper" was helpful.

most of works are very striking.

those reminded me of our collages)
this is the "insight" of the gallery window.

downstairs is the solo show of dran.

i was so impressed by his cardboard drawings.

there was one wall covered with "i have chalks" postcards, so i decided to participate and filled one as well.

mine is about the wall)

i really loved this exhibition. and my deep belief that the street art is the only worth thing on contemporary art scene increased even more.

and sure the name of the show is very clever!


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