Wednesday, 1 December 2010

first term is almost finished.

it's been a long time. seems like I start every post with those words)
but I had a hard time last week writing my libertines [vct] essay, then being ill and doing project after my super quick recovery!
I think that I'm quite happy with the result so far. planning to finish collages in a couple of days, as well as my final pdf. i have some nice ideas about the design of outcome itself.
it's a pity that our today's ppd class was canceled, but on the other hand we really got time to work on our project and to fill in blogs)
I've been to library today, looked through some books and magazines. and found one with quite interesting layout. i have a thing about scratched randomly looking designs.
i really like the way illustration fits cover.

[and the rest of it inside]

interesting way to place pictures on page.
hand writing is practically always enlivens picture.
the text could be read on other side of page through paper against the light.
i love the second one with parakeet. i love parakeets actually.


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