Saturday, 4 December 2010

carry on project work.

i'd like to write a bit about my last few days.
unfortunately nothing new - i was working on my pdf file & collages. last few pages are going too slow - i'm not satisfied with the layout of one of them so i'm trying and trying and trying, it upsets me a bit. + i'm not sure how to integrate images of our group work in my pdf, cause i really like what we've done, but it doesn't fit the other content...
collages are going quite well, may be i'll post few more pics later.
i wanted to show you one thing that really helped me in organizing my project.

i made this before i started pdf. i was sitting in front of the blank screen and didn't know where to begin. so i decided to summarize all my research and thoughts on one surface. i mean, i had it all in my sketchbook but when i looked through separated pages i just couldn't put it together in my head.
now i'm thinking of buying lots of a1 paper like we use in our studio, to cover my walls with it for the next project!))
speaking about next project... i've chosen the flatland brief. i liked it so much! i'm a bit concerned about my knowledge on subject, i mean i really love typography but the competition is huge. but i'm going to work on it on holidays!
and a couple of pics that i took today's coldcold morning. [i've bought a heater today!! sooo happy!]


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