Saturday, 4 December 2010

5 design agencies i'd love to work for.

here you go!
the first one will be barnbrook. i've found out about them nearly a year ago and i'm deeply impressed by their works. it's a huge agency with wide range of works.
here's their design for sydney's contemporary art festival.

[the others are inside]

the second one is mind design. it is an independent london based graphic design studio founded in 1999. their works are all very interesting, laconic and they pay great attention on typography.
this is their identity for marawa the amazing - international hula hoop star and performer.

and promotional brochure for circus.
the third – mainstudio. it is the amsterdam based design agency with interest in typography, magazines, identity, illustration and books.
mark magazine is their well known work.

aarnhem fashion biennale magazine.
forth – hawaii. it is a leading design agency, established in London in 2005 and is led by Paul McAnelly.
they are the agency created new identity for myspace.
and that's their work for mtv.
the last one is zolotogroup, which is actually collaboration of ostengruppe and a group of professional marketers. it's russian design group. i remember my first acquaintance with their works about 4 years ago on the golden bee's biannual exhibition in moscow. i think that they actually made a great progress in that period of time.
branding for short movies festival.

identity for snob magazine.

i've probably chosen too cool and famous firms, but they're really my favorites. i'll try to search for smaller design agencies on holidays and will put on blog the most notable ones.