Saturday, 13 November 2010

open shop

on wednesday i went on an open shop, which was a part of the internet week. we had really great time in 5 different creative agencies! it was really a great opportunity to get to know how are the agencies looking from the insight! all the speakers were very kind to tell us about their ways of creating working process. one of the most interesting things was that they are doing the same thing but their approaches are various! despite of this there were some common points which all the speakers were saying. the first one was the necessity of communication and collaboration! it's such a great idea which was repeated for the last month of studies by our tutors! and that is so contrast to the way of working i have had for almost 4 years in my old university in russia.
the second thing was - you need to find some thing that you're most interested in, and work hard on it. hard working and devotion to your work are the key words in every undertaking. you need to be really passionate about what you're doing.
the reflection of your work and your own thoughts on it is a really important thing as well. as well as your ability of presenting yourself.
we've been to abnormaly, naked, lbi, poke, mother, poke again & attended the brilliant design lecture at the end.
the event i've been taking a part in was a "creative road" so there were not only design students but advertising people as well. it was quite interesting to hear the questions they've been asking. so i can say with certainty that the open shop was useful not only for my professional, but for personal development as well!
i wish there were more of events like this one!
mindblowing view out of naked's studio.

[there are some pictures and links inside]

beer and lora @ lbi

pool @ lbi

guys thinking on ideas

few slides of lbi presentation

poke helps client eat the red pill

brilliant lecture

there is a post on cr site about the poke's recent project.
and here is the naked's last foster's ads with alan partridge.


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