Saturday, 13 November 2010

long time no see.

alright, i'm sorry i haven't written anything for such a long time, there were so many interesting events that i honestly hadn't had much time.
on last friday i had a tutorial with jo, we talked a bit about the system of education, my impressions of it so far. she looked through my blog and asked me about collages.
i can't wait to buy an iphone so i'll have more time to write on my blog, i promise that it'll become more interesting and i'll start posting more frequently! i hope it'll happen in a couple of days.
i have not as many collages as wanted, but i have got an idea and the layout, so i just need to do the rest. i came up with some system of doing them quicker, i'll post about the process some time soon. promise!

on tuesday we had our first group tutorial with paul, which was useful and interesting. it gave us an opportunity to apply on practice the knowledge we've got on the idea workshop. our quite small group of 8 was divided on two of 4, so we went trough 4 main points – considering all factors, dominant idea, concept challenge & stepping stone – on our common brief and came up with completely different ideas on outcomes. and it is unbelievable how some quite simple scheme makes you brain work in such wide mode and different ways!

we had technical workshops with david as well. it was quite nice but i was familiar to all of the stuff that david was showing us.
i'd like to share this moleskine stop-motion ads, it's nice!


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