Monday, 1 November 2010

it's been a while

since my last post. blogging takes much time. few days ago i've understood that i hate the internet. cause it's full of useless information. writing things down in diary and reading books at library is much better.
in that case i'd like to tell about 2 workshops which i so much enjoyed! first one is sketchbooks workshop. sketchbooks are not very popular in russia so i've started my first ones in there. that's why karl's lecture (if this word is suitable) was very interesting and useful for me. it was very interesting to look through his own sketchbooks. it's like you're getting into artist's head. and it's strange but nice feeling.
i spent saturday summarizing and analyzing the things i've learned during my first 4 weeks at college, so i'll put some of my writings here.

on karl's workshop we were suppose to create a sketchbook about our 5 main resource areas. we modified our sketchbook into sketchboxes! our group took some smelly materials from each area and put them into separated containers. we actually had fun!
this is it!

[few inside]


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