Monday, 25 October 2010

work in progress.

our favorite of the first weeks in lcc – collages.
here are my empty more than 100 cards.

i decided to cut some papers first, collect some pictures and than proceed to glueing..

[and some more inside]

i liked this ads btw.

just aiming.


  1. где ты купила столько карточек???

  2. я купила листы а1 и нарезала их в колледже!

  3. жееесть... никакой магии...

  4. ну есть вариант купить многомного скетчбуков на клею формата а6 в каком-нибудь art class-е, думаю это будет дороже.

  5. Hello Kira! Nice, already working on that, looks cool. I have a few cut-outs, haven't started working on the collages seriously, i think i should though.
    Look, did you buy and cut the paper yourself? Or did you manage to cut it at school? Because I don't really see myself cutting 100 pieces of paper. Oh god. Thanks in advance, lovely blog :)

  6. hey, mina, cheers!)
    i've bought a1 sized paper sheets at our college shop and cut them at the screen printing studio. i came here and asked if i could use the paper cutter. it took me about half an hour...
    i haven't really started working yet, cause i think i need some main idea for the series but i don't have one...