Friday, 15 October 2010

there are some more things i'd like to share.

the first one is about gauguin exhibition. i really enjoyed it, you should visit if you haven't been there yet.

i think that tate made a huge work arranging this one. i really liked 2 rooms "life and times" 'cause it really helps you to understand further the personality of the painter.

speaking of tate – darren mentioned the dynamics of it's logo. it was [or rather they were] designed by wolff olins. check out the site – it's really nice!
i remember there was much criticism and arguing when the logos've been released. i liked them from the beginning for their modernity and changeability. so here are the variations of them on paper [for those who have never seen or paid attention] but you definitely should go to see gauguin and the logo on various surfaces (windows/posters/bags/whatever)

the second thing is about the layout of my blog. the cut on blogspot really sucks. it's not simple to set it up and it gets in every post afterwards. but on the other hand i think that it's better be more of useless "look inside" than too many pictures on page. so some of my cuts are free of hidden text but some of them are full of interesting stuff. feel free to check if you're interested.
may be i'll sort it out some[day]way.


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