Wednesday, 20 October 2010

on punk.

my thoughts are occupied by "loud flash" which i attended yesterday. i've been thinking of taking one of the sex pistol's covers for the vct class. then i remembered that i've seen the ad of this exhibition and decided to go get some inspiration in haunch of venison. i walked through all the rooms which contained tom wesselmann's works (which i didn't really like), transmission exhibition (actually i think that i've got one more favorite painter – adam dix. his works are so light, spatial and really graphic), spectrum jesus paintings (don't know how to comment this one).
so the last but not the least was british punk on paper. this exhibition really amazed me! it is so loud, provocative, aggressive and live! the exhibition contains posters, magazines, papers, flyers and some other stuff of the mid 70s. i was fascinated by the great typography. actually this culture gave a huge source for inspiration. it intrigues with it's spontaneity. the graphics is mindblowing. it's as striking as the all movement.  i made some research on it, actually in the process of it. i hope that it'll be ok with our tutor to take one of pics on that theme.
if you're interested in this kind of stuff you definitely should visit.

much more inside.


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