Friday, 8 October 2010

hi all!

my name is kira, i'm a student of the fda design for graphic communication course @ lcc. this is my first blog on graphic design which is actually a project of ppd, but i really appreciate the idea of having one. in fact i have another blog but the posts are mostly in russian. i've set it up for my dearest moscow friends who kept skyping me and asking the same questions. so it's the way to communicate with all of them at the same time. i've got flickr page as well. and twitter. and facebook. and i guess many other things i can't recall right now. feel free to add!

returning to the blog thing, we're supposed to write a reflective post about our first week of studies. actually the week is hardly passed cause there will be the whole school day tomorrow.
i'm not sure if i should quote here the useful things our tutors told us on our first meeting or tuesday workshop (there were lots of them). i clearly understand what kind of stuff we should put to our blogs, that's why i don't really want to "upload a photo you have taken and write about what you have done and how you feel about it".
but here you go.
i've taken this photo on our photographic part of the blog workshop. the task was to take some pictures of everything around and to speak to others about them.
i think that it's great that we have so many tasks which engage communicating to each other, it is really useful thing and i've missed it a lot studying in russia. 
speaking of the picture i like the light, shades and the depth of it. it actually captures the feeling of that day for me.

i can't tell if i like the blog layout yet. may be i'll change it somehow, but now this is it.


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