Monday, 11 October 2010

hi there!

i decided to show you some magazines which i bought few days ago. i went to the tate modern, wanted to visit the gauguin exhibition, but got stuck near the magazines shelf (can't tell why i went to the store first).

concept store, issue 3.

Concept Store is a bi-annual journal, published by Arnolfini, focusing on critical issues of contemporary art and their relationship to wider cultural, social and political contexts. While Concept Store reflects upon ideas explored within Arnolfini's artistic programme as well as future research projects, it is intended to be a critical platform in its own right, operating as a discursive space for commissioned texts, artists' contributions, interviews and other experimental forms.

it was practically the first mag that caught my eye. the cover looks very clean, it contrasts with the other editions. embossing is used for the subtitle [which actually occupies the most part of the cover].

one of the interesting design decisions is using 2 colour print. yellow ink mainly used for gradients, which i consider a smart thing. they really attract attention.
gradients appear on some pages as large embeddings which totally ignore the content.

also i can't help but mention the daring[is this word suitable for the context?] typography. i'm talking not only about headings but about using a bold type face as a basic one.

as for the structure it looks very much like a book. but i think that editions of 2 issues a year could be looking like one.

[oh my. that was harder then i thought. sorry for any stylistic errors in the post. i tried my best]


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