Sunday, 31 October 2010

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Monday, 25 October 2010

and here are some of the pictures i've done in last days.

sorry if you're reading my other blog – it's x-post.

work in progress.

our favorite of the first weeks in lcc – collages.
here are my empty more than 100 cards.

i decided to cut some papers first, collect some pictures and than proceed to glueing..

[and some more inside]

i liked this ads btw.

just aiming.

ideas workshop.

we had our ideas workshop with catherine. it was very interesting and useful.
on the first part of class our mini-group was suppose to observe 3 groups of designers who were working on brief under strong catherine's control.
we made notes comparing groups to each other.

here are the groups we were supervising))

we've found out that the groups of 3 or 4 people are more productive than groups of 10 and that groups who worked with catherine had a better time management.

the next task was to create a layout for site oriented to make housewives to buy less, using 4 steps of idea generation.
[the rest is inside]

this is our result.

our second brief was to create a leaflet for an art gallery about museum rules oriented towards people new to uk.


it's time to post some stuff.

on thursday we had letterpress again and our group tried to print some examples of our idea.
this is a half of our group in process.

i've been fooling around with letters and had quite an interesting result. i hope we'll employ some of this to our ad.

=The=Boji=Collection=: =lcc archive discovery=

you, guys, need to check out this link and feedback if you're interested!

=The=Boji=Collection=: =lcc archive discovery=: "You can imagine my total and utter surprise when I stumbled across The University Archives and Special Collections Centre which has been rig..."

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

on punk.

my thoughts are occupied by "loud flash" which i attended yesterday. i've been thinking of taking one of the sex pistol's covers for the vct class. then i remembered that i've seen the ad of this exhibition and decided to go get some inspiration in haunch of venison. i walked through all the rooms which contained tom wesselmann's works (which i didn't really like), transmission exhibition (actually i think that i've got one more favorite painter – adam dix. his works are so light, spatial and really graphic), spectrum jesus paintings (don't know how to comment this one).
so the last but not the least was british punk on paper. this exhibition really amazed me! it is so loud, provocative, aggressive and live! the exhibition contains posters, magazines, papers, flyers and some other stuff of the mid 70s. i was fascinated by the great typography. actually this culture gave a huge source for inspiration. it intrigues with it's spontaneity. the graphics is mindblowing. it's as striking as the all movement.  i made some research on it, actually in the process of it. i hope that it'll be ok with our tutor to take one of pics on that theme.
if you're interested in this kind of stuff you definitely should visit.
much more inside.

on typography.

there are so many interesting things around and too little time. i wish i could post to blog from my head. alright i'll show you my todays works on typography wsh and then 'll briefly tell about the exhibition i went on yesterday and show some more photos.
the workshop was really cool. it's amazing how many interesting variations of realization of the same task could be. there were lots of nice works in our studio today!
here are mine.

unfortunately my porn name is ridiculous. not in a good way. misha shtyrvalnaya. not hot at all.
that's why i wrote my real name.

the last task was about playing around with one word. i picked the word "hard".

Saturday, 16 October 2010

out and about.

it was really interesting and enjoyable session. we've been to 5 different places in shoredich. the first was the kemistry gallery. there was an exhibition of lou dorfsman's works.
this is the reproduction of the part of the main dorfman's creation gastrotypographicalassemblage.

there are lots of pictures inside!

actually this one looked more effective than the scaled photocopy of the whole work on the opposite wall.

but i have no doubt that the original is amazing!
there were other works with brilliant typography, these are ones i liked the most.

cbs design.

and here is the movie that played on this tv set.
our next stop was the white cube's exhibit space. i have quite complicated relationship with contemporary art. i mean the works were quite interesting and i think there are many ways of application for it, but i can't understand the reason of creating them just as a "piece of art". i mean design is a useful thing. designers create their works for a reason. they are telling you something trough their posters/ads/illustrations, they are making supermarket shelves look nicer making packages for food and stuff, they are designing infographics and navigation to help people get some information in a short time, mags, books, sites and so on. but what do the artists do?
alrightalright, probably i'm all wrong and just don't get it. anyway i liked the paper on the walls upstairs!

the next place was kk outlet and the exhibition was really cool. i felt myself dumb because i've always wanted to draw something like this (since i knew about the offset printing) but never did.

4th – the ycn studio's shop and library. it is really good agency which created the last beck's campaign.
i liked the sign veryveryvery much. it looks like some winking lamps but this are sequins which are blinking because of the wind.
i adore mirrors.
some books.
the thing in front of the doorway.

and this is an interesting sign of our last destination.
i really enjoyed the time, it was a great day!