Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Intersection Design Studio

Dear everyone!
Glad to share with you good news – my friend and I founded together a design studio called Intersection!
Check our shared portfolio here. We update our blog as well as share our inspiration daily!
We have a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, hope to hear from you soon!

Monday, 21 April 2014

recognise anything?

Perfectionism is characterized by striving for flawlessness and setting of excessively high standards for performance accompanied by tendencies for overly critical evaluations of one’s behavior (Flett & Hewitt, 2002).Moreover perfectionism explained as setting goals that are out of range and as a structure in which it causes theperson to experience negative feelings as a consequence (Frost, Marten, Lahart & Rosenblate, 1990). Earlyconceptualizations of perfectionism suggested perfectionism to be a unidimensional construct (Burns, 1980). Incontrast, recent views have stressed that perfectionism is multidimensional in nature (Terry- Short, Owens, Slade & Dewey, 1995). Recent research has shown that two major dimensions of perfectionism can be differentiated: perfectionistic strivings and perfectionistic concerns (Frost, Heimberg, Holt, Mattia & Neubauer, 1993; Stoeber & Otto, 2006). The dimension of perfectionistic strivings captures those facets of perfectionism that relate toperfectionistic personal standards and a self oriented striving for perfection. This dimension was found to beassociated with positive characteristics, processes, and outcomes such as conscientiousness, adaptive coping, andpositive affect and also higher levels of subjective well-being and psychological adjustment (Stoeber & Childs, 2010).In contrast, the dimension of perfectionistic concerns comprises those facets of perfectionism that are consideredneurotic, unhealthy, or maladaptive such as concern over mistakes and doubts about actions (Stoeber & Rennert, 2008). People with dysfunctional perfectionism are likely to avoid situations that may require the person to try tomeet his or her perfectionist standards; for example, procrastination (putting off starting a task because the desire tocomplete it perfectly will make it hard or unpleasant and prematurely ending tasks because perfectionist standardsare unlikely to be met (Shafran & Mansell, 2001). The recent studies suggest that the majority of perfectionists seetheir work as the domain most affected by their perfectionism, but other domains can be affected as well, mostnotably relationships (Stoeber & Stoeber, 2009).Every person procrastinates in carrying out some of the responsibilities and tasks in their life. Some delaypayments or appointments while some others delay housework, assignments, homework or preparing forexaminations. Such procrastinated behaviors affect the individuals in such ways as restless nights, high level of stress, regret, and panic, withdrawal due to the lack of time or unsatisfactory fulfillment. Then people promisethemselves not to delay things until the last minute but it happens again (Kagan, Cakir, Ilhan & Kandemir, 2010). The term procrastinate comes from the Latin word procrastinate and means to putt off, delay, prolong, defer, stall,or postpone performing a task. Procrastinating implies performing an alternative activity to the one intended, whichis not synonymous with idleness (Schouwenburg, 2004). Procrastination can be temporary or permanent and can bedefined as a function of the behavioral output- putting off the action- or the cognitive output- putting off making adecision (Rosario, Costa, Nunez, Pienda, Solano & Valle, 2009).

full article can be found here.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

I have a confession.

I have no idea what I am doing.)
Have not posted in a long time, finding it hard/not necessary/useless/not having enough time/not caring enough/name it. The thing is – I'm going to start all over again.
I have a lot of things going on, but probably not enough. You know what I mean?
I’ve set up a design studio with a friend of mine few months ago and it did not work out quite as been expected.
I have a lot of ideas and dreams and plans and they all look perfect in my head. Perfect but lonely. With no application, no reflection. I guess voicing those plans out loud should help me work harder, believe in success, probably I could even get some advice or feedback from you, dear reader, whoever you are.

И да, я думаю, что хочу писать в этом блоге и по-русски тоже.
Это всего лишь маленькая, приободряющая запись о том, что не всё так плохо, а дальше будет только лучше)

love and peace,

Saturday, 17 November 2012

the medium is the massage audiobook

such a great example of transforming message from one media into another.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


updated the previous post. my highlights of the type directors club exhibition could be found HERE nothing inside

Thursday, 11 October 2012

type directors club exhibition in ldn. [sorry for the delay with pictures]

on my way home from the exhibition opening. it was nice, I guess. it's just this feeling I have, that it doesn't matter how nice typography, print and paper is, it all looks the same. and I'll answer to that - well, why not?
technologies make it easier and more accessible for us to create dozens of good looking pieces of work that look quite the same. it is very hard to capture one's attention nowadays. especially designer's attention.
will post few pics from home.

ok, so. i'm not sure why the works on the exhibition were not labeled, it took me ages (about half an hour) to find them on the web.
that is how the place looked. sorry for pics quality, my iphone is losing its touch)

there were some nice books too. 03

one is typoversity, which i have seen online, but never had an opportunity to hold in hands. not that i speak deutsch but anyway it's a nice piece of design. and the content is really good. don't like my pictures of this one, so if you're interested - see google.

PORT magazine designed annually by Bauhaus University Weimar students caught my attention as well. 11

liked the idea of ‘inside pages’ which is not very practical though.

this little book (the author i don't know) had a nice format and cover 09

now that is a nicely produced poster, something that i would like to hang on my wall (: 04


will finish with this lovely poster 07

Sunday, 7 October 2012

new school year!

it's time to bring the blogging back, don't you think? going to update pretty soon, stay tuned!
ttoo_3 (:

Monday, 7 May 2012

screen printing!

what a lovely environment to work in!

Monday, 23 January 2012

publication design research

hello, i've just started a new project at college, so it'd be very kind of you to take this quick survey!
Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.


Saturday, 24 December 2011

some films and liverpool!

watched 2 movies recently. one was "the breakfast club". everyone knows the film, yep? well you know me – i was ignorant until recently...)
so it is a nice teen drama. different types of people, different expectations, aims, thoughts. too naïve in style of the good old movies. worth seeing, why not.
the other one is "my week with marilyn" – went to the cinema yesterday. it is a nicely made film. the actors are good, cameraman's work, interiors, clothes, picture overall. but i was not so exited with the story itself. i can't say that it's a bad movie, i see a lot of good moments, but the after-feeling is quite ordinary. emma watson did good i think.
i'm exited about "the iron lady" though! saw the trailer yesterday. should be good.

i'm going to liverpool at the beginning of january, really exited about it. i love the place! it is the town of mystery for me. huge beautiful buildings and wide empty streets, windy mersey.. and the "alice in wonderland" exhibition at tate! i'm so looking forward to the trip! happy me)
Billy Fury

low tide